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We have the worst web site, terrible at sales pitches,

late with accounts, but we make the best time lapse videos.

Show Reel

Time Lapse Photography Projects

On long term building construction projects we usually shoot
in ten minute intervals. When your project is near completion,
we shoot every five minutes, 24/7 to capture transitions from
Sunlight to Moonlight to show off your project at its best.

With our High Dynamic Range (HDR) process
the results are outstanding.

Normal photography Vs HDR

Progress Videos

Progress Videos are usually supplied Monthly after HDR processing
and flicker removal software applied to ensure your images get
a great result.

With 15 Australian Cinematography Awards
to our credit, we like a great result.

Call Graeme Beck today on: 0411 82 7799

or email: graeme@electricfilms.net.au

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