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Time Lapse and 'Live' Internet Cameras

Time Lapse Cameras

On long term building construction projects we usually shoot
in ten minute intervals. When your project is near completion,
we shoot every five minutes, 24/7 to capture transitions from
Sunlight to Moonlight to show off your project at its best.

And with our High Dynamic Range (HDR) cameras,
the results are outstanding.

Normal photography compared to HDR

As well as shooting in HDR, we also shoot ultra high resolution 5K
which enables us to supply you with high quality photographs
as well as having superior post production control.

We also use flicker removal and stabilising software to ensure
your images get the best result.

Videos are usually supplied Monthly or Forthrightly,
depending on the amount of action.

Web Monitored

All our new installations are Internet enabled, where
images can be are uploaded to our web site or
OneDrive with easy client access.

We also have control over the cameras and can get a Live view.

Live Internet Cameras

Like to keep an eye on your project in real time?
We can also install Live Cameras, great for an up to date
look from your mobile phone or computer.

All Solar Powered too.

Examples of Time Lapse Edited Projects

Examples of Time Lapse Monthly Progress Videos

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