Electric Films Pty Ltd

The Masters of Time Lapse.

Whatever your project big or small,
from Building Construction to anything
Time Lapse or Hyper Lapse, we make
it look good.

We have the smoothest running
Time Lapse Videos in the business.

Just compare results.

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Our Method

On Construction sites, we usually shoot
in ten minute intervals in High Dynamic
Range. HDR helps smooth out weather
changes as well as seeing further into
the darker and lighter areas of the shot.

At completion of your construction,
we shoot in five minute intervals to
capture transitions from Sunlight to
Moonlight to show off your project
at it's best.


Cameras are photographing in 5.7K
resolution for superior control in
post production and detail.

They are linked to the Web

where we can control the camera
parameters and Time Lapse Intervals.

Progress Videos

Videos are usually supplied Monthly or
at other intervals depending on the
project after High Dynamic Range
processing and flicker removal.

This smooths out the images from
weather changes
ensuring your images
get a good result. At Electric Films we
like a good result.

Moving the Camera

On single Camera shoots this gives
the impression of having the luxury of
multi Cameras on the project.

It's a little bit boring looking at the
same shot on a long term project.

Camera Positions

Choosing the Camera position is
the first step in getting a good result.

We like to get the Camera in close to
the action for a more dynamic effect.

Our multi Award winning Cameraman,
Graeme Beck, is an expert at this.

He also puts a lot of effort into Post
Production and it shows."

Solar Powered

All our Time Lapse and Live Cameras
are Solar powered too.

At the end of the project you are only
going to have two things left. Your
project and the film of it being made.

Live Cameras

We also have Solar powered 'Live' Cameras.
Great for keeping a Live eye on your project.

Time Lapse Construction Projects

Canterbury Rd (Several projects)


Parramatta City Redevelopment

Parramatta Light Rail

Walker St North Sydney

Pitt St Merrylands

Gosford (Several projects)

Sydney Zoo Development

Rhodes Central Redevelopment



Edited Time Lapse Videos

The Building of Pirramimma

Macquarie St Liverpool


M2 Bridge Construction

Majors Bay Rd Concord


Taronga Zoo Centenary Theatre

Australian Launch of the Samsung Galaxy

Beecroft Footbridge

Leichhardt Market Place Solar Farm with piece to Camera.


Company Background

Electric Film's Director, Graeme Beck is
a multi award winning Cinematographer
with extensive experience in light and
heavy industries as well as other genres.

He has shot in underground gold and
coal mines, oil rigs and processing
plants as well as the boardrooms and
factories of Australia's smallest to
largest companies.

Although based in Sydney, Graeme
has shot all over Australia and South
East Asia, India, China and the UK
Television Programmes,
Industrial, Corporate and Documantaries.

He now specialises in Time Lapse for
the Sydney and Regional markets.


Electric Films INDUSTRIAL Show Reel

Oil rig at sea

Austal ships large boat
Austal Ships

BP at night
BP Refinary

Eagle x flying
Eagle Aircraft

Mt Keith Nickle Mine

Great Central Mines


128km Pipeline to Perth

Harvey dam construction
Harvey Dam Construction

Zip Industries

Gold Strike old
Kalgoorlie Hall of Fame

Great Central Mines


Contact: Graeme Beck

m: 0411 82 7799

e: graeme@electricfilms.net.au

Electric Films Pty Ltd

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