"Putting it On"

Graeme Beck is producing the motion picture musical of Dickinson & Sussman's brilliant new Opera, "Love's Lessons Learned."

Video clip (password: open )

When the bad boy of High School intercepts a love note to the school's Princess, his failings are ultimately revealed.

We followed the process behind creating this remarkable production.

After an extensive period of digital enhancement for the big screen, this musical is scheduled for
release in early 2018


Nicole Alexander - Opera Producer

Dof Dickinson (Libretto) and Alexander Sussman (Original Music)

Jenny Laing-Peach - Opera Director

Simon Kenway - Musical Director

Tony Assness - Production Designer

Sharolyn Kimmorley - Principal Music Coach

John Martin - Musical Coach

Kate Golla - Repetiteur

Nicole Dorigo - Language Coach

Gemma Tamock - Assistant Opera Director

Garth Walter Fleeton - Head of Wardrobe

Chris Twyman - Stage Lighting

Featured performers (Alphabetical order)

Vivien Conacherl

Julie Goodwin

Elli Green

Andrew Guy

Simon Halligan

Janelle Hopman


Sky Ingram

Naomi Johns and Morgan Pearse

Alex Sefton

Claudio Sgaramella

Matthew Willis


Graeme Beck - Producer

m: 0411 82 7799

e: graeme@electricfilms.net.au

Electric Films Pty Ltd

Level 11 / 65 York St Sydney Australia