Early Australian Gold Prospectors Documentary

Written and Directed by Graeme Beck

This Video Production takes an informed look at the Gold Rushes and early prospecting in Australia. The Video covers the first Gold Rush of the 1850's and how other discoveries them unfolded around the country. It tells the story through 'old film look' recreations, presenters and paintings from the era.

Old boatGold strike old minersouthern cross mapKalgoorlie prospectorgold strikegold rushGold bars

Video: Part 1 - NSW and Victoria

Video: Part 2 QLD and Western Aistralia


The Australian Prospectors Video Production was made possible by generous contributions from:

Terry Allem Don Boyer
Brian Breese
Phil Crabb
Mark Creasy
Great Central Mines Ltd
Michael Harrison
Homestake Gold of Australia Ltd
Klaus Meyer
Normandy Mining Ltd
Ashok Parekh
Josh Pitt
David Porter
Sons of Gwalia Ltd
Neil Tompkinson
TKF Investments Pty Ltd
Lyn Wilkinson

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